Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a type of fibre reinforced concrete. Glass fibre concretes are mainly used in exterior building façade panels and as architectural precast concrete. This material is very good for creating shapes on the front of any building and it is less dense than steel.

Glass fibre reinforced composite materials consist of high strength glass fibre embedded in a cementitious matrix. In this form, both fibres and matrix retain their physical and chemical identities, yet they produce a combination of properties that cannot be achieved with either of the components acting alone.

  • Lightweight – reduces loading on buildings giving significant savings in foundations and superstructure.
  • Lightweight – reduces loading on buildings giving significant savings in foundations and superstructure.
  • GB’s Grade 18 GRC cladding panels require virtually no maintenance, for life.
  • Facilitates off-site rapid installation processes – Easier handling minimises damage.
  • GRC components can usually be removed from the project critical path. (It is now possible for GRC wall cladding panels to be fixed to SFS from the external cement board face).
  • Greater tensile strength than pre-cast concrete – yet only 20% of the weight.
  • Installation usually unaffected by inclement weather such as cold, frost or heavy rainfall.
  • Class O fire rating. Environmentally friendly.
  • Allows modern, futuristic designs; similarly will replicate traditional features.
  • A fantastic variety of colours and surface finishes are available.

GB Architectural Cladding Products Ltd is an accredited GRCA “AMS” (Approved Manufacturers Scheme) member.  AMS accreditation is only gained through audited compliance of the strict testing criteria established by the IGRCA. GB are one of only three companies in the UK to currently hold this certification.

Allied to the AMS we have our own in-house quality guidelines, factory controls and procedures which incorporates all tests required within the GRCA specification and the AMS, in particular:-

BS EN 1170 – Parts 1-7
  • Measuring the consistency of the matrix – Slump Test Method.
  • Measuring the fibre content in fresh GRC – Wash Out Test
  • Measuring the fibre content of sprayed GRC
  • Measuring bending strength “LOP”
  • Measuring bending strength “MOR”
  • Determination of the absorption of water by immersion and determination of the dry density
  • Measurement of extremes of dimensional variations due to moisture content
BS EN 1169:1999
  • Rules for factory production control of glass-fibre reinforced cement

The main constituents of GRC are based on the naturally occurring earth oxides that are used in the manufacture of cement and glass fibres. These base ingredients are not generally regarded as pollutants. Wash water from the manufacturing process contains cement and this is alkaline. It is normal for factories to have settlement tanks so that solids are not put into the drainage system.

The reduced weight of GRC compared to steel reinforced concrete products does provide distinct environmental benefits.

An assessment carried out as part of a DETR/ Concrete Industry Alliance PIT Project compared two concrete and GRC products that fulfil the same function. The results show that GRC has a significantly lower environmental impact.

The durability of GRC is unequivocally proven by the wide variety of contracts which have employed it worldwide during the past 35 years. In many applications it is used in preference to traditionally accepted products (FRP, pre-cast concrete, timber, terracotta etc) because of its superior durability.

The normal design properties of GRC do not degrade with time. The change in ductility with time will depend on the matrix type, but is well understood and is factored into the design. For good quality GRC, ductile lifetimes of at least 60-80 years can be confidently expected in UK weathering conditions.

(Source: GRCA International Studies)

We can provide the following estimating and pre-contract services
  • Full Take-offs and preparation of easy to follow quotation schedules
  • Design Advice
  • Contract Case Studies
  • Sub-Strate recommendations and typical fixing details advice
  • Product samples/Colour matching service
  • Contract Specific Design Workshops
  • Factory Tours

All contracts are professionally detailed using reputable GRC design experts. This service guarantees that all our products are designed in accordance with the GRCA design guide, also all stresses, loadings, fixings and movement have been considered accordingly. This service supported by PI cover and collateral design warranties.

Our comprehensive design service includes
  • Design meetings / project workshops
  • Collaboration with the site team and other interfacing sub-contractors
  • Preparation of all fixing details and connections back to substrate
  • Detailed design process including on-line document management and approval process (where applicable)
  • Issue of detailed coded General Arrangement drawings, sections, calculated fixing details, panel fabrication drawings and full calculation schedules
  • Installation arrangement drawings

Considerable expertise and experience is essential to ensure that GRC components are installed to fulfil their intended purpose.

We would be pleased to provide details of  installation companies dependent upon the nature and size of your project allied to its geographical location.

GB are established, trusted producers of Grade 18 GRC Components. General and project specific NBS specification details can be provided upon request. Usually a detailed project specific GRC specification will be generated after we have properly evaluated your particular needs. (This with particular relevance to colour shade, surface texture, wind loadings, sub frame conditions, movement/deflection issues etc). Please contact us for further information.

A variety of colour shades and surface textures can be provided. Please contact us for standard samples and to begin to develop your ideas. Good quality GRC of the correct grade which has been designed, manufactured and installed correctly is unequivocally proven to have provided the very highest levels of client satisfaction and long term performance under actual service conditions for more than 35 years.

Before committing to order GRC, we strongly advise that the buyer implements the checklist below
  • Unit design and restraint, also wind loadings and general movement issue considerations – all undertaken by PI Backed specialist
  • Ensure current membership of the GRCA Approved Manufacturers Scheme
  • A Project specific Grade 18 NBS Specification (developed, understood and agreed)
  • Written references received and in place, from at least 3 previous clients
  • Manufacturer’s factory visit completed Inspection of previously completed projects (incl. 1 scheme 5yrs+) completed
  • Historic test data for LOP, MOR, Density, fibre content (going back 18 months)
  • Installer’s previous GRC contracts inspected, method statements received and signed off

We produce a variety of UV-stable product shades and finishes employing tried and tested methodology.

To obtain product samples please contact our sales office. An indication of some of the shades and finishes that we produce is provided here:-

GRC - An environmentally friendly composite

  • Low consumption of energy and natural raw minerals
  • Reduced cement usage per product
  • Reduced transport frequency and cost
  • Greatly improved ‘carbon scoring’ values are associated with the use of GRC, particularly in comparison with reinforced steel/pre-cast goods
  • BREEAM A+ Rated Product
  • The reduced weight of GRC, compared to steel reinforced concrete products really does provide significant environmental benefits. (Source: DETR/Concrete Industry Alliance PITT project)

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